• Arm Reels Centerpin


    Armreel-45 is great for fishing in all ways and types of float tackle. The minimally inert, carefully balanced spool of the centerpin is set in motion even by the lightest float on the weakest current, provided that the fishing line does not stick to the rod and the rings. But the most important advantage of the Armreel-45 is that it allows you to cast very light tackle and catch those places that are inaccessible to ordinary, even the most expensive centerpins. The ease of rotation and the strength of the reel are such that it can be used to catch both small brook trout and huge salmon. The brake pad allows you to take out the fish powerfully and delicately.

    Right—hand - winding clockwise. Left—hand - winding counter-clockwise. The Armreel-45 model is used for a variety of fishing styles, but its advantages are most fully revealed in floatfishing (Bologna, Nottingham) and spinning. The reel parts are made of anodised aviation alloy AA2024 and high-strength steel.

    • Casting brakes
    • Brake pad
    • Tension knob
    • Anti-reverse clicker
    • Oil port
    • Sand-resist assembly

    Allows to cast baits weighing from 1/14 oz. (with proper training). Allows to cast super-heavy baits. Designed to catch trophy fish. Reel has an exceptionally powerful thrust, the design has a huge margin of safety. The reel is resistant to sand, dirt, water and requires minimal maintenance. Does not require the use of a special rod. It is possible to use multifilament lines with a strength of up to 40 lbs, which significantly reduces the likelihood of breakage and loss of baits. Oil port allows to lubricate bearings without disassembling the spool.