Chromium Float Line (Camo Smoke)


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Chromium Float - Float/Centerpin Main Line (300yd)

Float fishing main line based on Hitena's new multi-polymer fly tippet material Supernix which is lighter and floats better than mono with lowest stretch for the best hookset

Density 1.09 is even lower than that of mono and virtually floats on moving water - Sits on water surface to the float
Ultra Sensitivity - Far less stretching than any mono/fluoro linesLowest stretch float fishing line available in the market and helps line mending on long drift
Abrasion resistance even better than other fluorocarbon lines not to mention mono lines - Sliding split shots, fixed floats up and down the line does minimal damage
- Very low memory with much less coiling
Superior knot strength - knot strength abt 10% better than mono/fluoro lines 
Camo Smoke Line is camouflaged by reproducing real freshwater condition in it. Pigments were spot fused into the line to have it look like real freshwater containing algae, plankton, soil, clay, particles and organisms keeping its original strength – it’s neither simple line dying like others nor paint spray on the surface of the line (Only for Camo Smoke, Lemon Lime is plain dying)
- Camo Smoke (Gray) available in 300yd spool