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    Our Carolina style BBQ Sauce is no doubt the best Carolina based mustard BBQ sauce anywhere.

    It comes complete with an irresistible tangy mustard/vinegar flavor, a bit of sweetness, and a tinge of heat.

    Not just for Pork. It’s amazing on Ribs, Poultry, Fish, and Veggies too.

    Try it as a Dipping sauce for chips, rice, burritos, cheese curds and more.

    Heat Level 3

    Kick up your barbecue a notch or two with my Kickin’ Hickory BBQ Sauce.
    You start with a nice, sweet and smokey taste of deliciousness. And you finish with just the right amount of heat.
    This bbq sauce pairs well with all your grilled meats.
    If you’re looking for a little sweet heat…you’ll want to have this sauce in your arsenal!!!
     Heat Level 6

    Be forewarned…you will be breathing fire with this one!!!

    A Habanero Hot Sauce that you can actually taste the peppers.

    Made with Red Caribbean Habanero Peppers! The perfect balance of heat and flavor!

    Dragon’s Breath Habanero Hot Sauce gets rave reviews for its unique flavor and high heat. This sauce makes a great addition to chili, tacos, burritos, spaghetti sauce, pizza, and anything else that needs a little heat. 

    Be sure to use this sauce sparingly (or not) to add fire and heat to any of your favorite dishes.

    Heat Level 9

    Our Sportsman Game Sauce has a distinct Sweet & Tangy Flavor Combination to compliment any Wild or Domestic Meat, Fish, or Poultry.

    Custom blended to enhance the flavor of your catch.

    Perfect for the Grill, Oven, or Skillet.

    Also great as a dipping sauce.

    Heat Level 2

    Our Sweet Bourbon Moppin’ Sauce will set apart any dish from the ordinary.

    Loaded with Sweet Molasses, Honey, Herbs, Secret Spices, and real Kentucky Bourbon, this unique moppin’ sauce is a must for any type of Wild Game, Meat, Pork, Poultry and Fish.

    This marinade was created to tenderize and infuse delicious flavors into your next meal.

    Great in Stir Fries as well!

    Heat Level 0