• Wiggidy Waynes Sauces Ketchup



    When you just want a good old fashioned ketchup without the heat…this is the choice for you! Our family traditions continue with the best Homestyle Ketchup you will ever taste! We have combined the freshest tomatoes available and added our secret spices. Your wish for a perfect ketchup just came true. Spread on your favorite sandwich, dip meat or chicken in it, or use it for grilling. This gourmet ketchup will take your meatloaf and sloppy joes to the next level. Let’s just make this as simple as possible…Use our Original Homestyle Ketchup with EVERYTHING! Heat Level 1



    You will never go back to plain ole ketchup again after trying this zesty ketchup. We have blended Fresh Tangy Jalapeño Peppers with all-natural ingredients to create this spin on our ketchup. Your taste buds will first experience the bold flavor of our artisan ketchup, then the zesty blast of heat will kick in. Use on everything and anything you would put ketchup on. Also makes a great BBQ and basting sauce. Heat Level 3



    Whoo-Whee!!! This is a hot one! But it is so darn good, it’ll keep you coming back for more. Just one taste and you will know why this spicy ketchup is such a HOT seller! It’s a personal favorite of Wiggidy Wayne himself! Using our perfected artisan ketchup recipe, we have added a hefty dose of Fresh Red Caribbean Habanero Peppers with Jalapeño Peppers that’ll kick your taste buds into high gear. With a little bit of sweet and a whole lot of heat…you can not go wrong! Heat Level 8